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20 September, 2007 (17:28) | Links

Hi everyone,

The questionnaire for my PhD thesis is now online. My research is looking at influences on the development of gender and sexuality. I am looking to recruit people to participate in this research, which is open to anybody, whether you are queer*/LGBTIQ, gender-variant, sexuality-variant, or not. Taking part involves completing a survey of mostly multiple-choice questions that will take about 25-50 minutes. If you would be kind enough to participate in my research the questionnaire can be found at:

More information about my project and my contact information can also be found by going to that link.

All responses to this survey are kept confidential. You will not be asked any information that will distinguish you (for example, your name), so your responses will be completely anonymous.

I’ve also tried to make the process a little bit educational for participants: I’ve included some information within the questionnaire about the questions you are being asked and how they relate to gender and sexuality development. Also when you complete the survey you will be given the opportunity to be sent an outline of the results of my project once these become available.

Thanks heaps, your help is greatly appreciated.

* “Queer” is a reclaimed word that represents sexual and gender diversity. I acknowledge that it is not a term that all people identify with, and it’s not the preferred term for everyone

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