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Beautiful inside & out – Two stories of gender transition

21 March, 2011 (22:01) | Blogroll | No comments

Here is a story about me and my good friend Kestin recently published in New Zealand’s Gay Express newspaper. Beautiful inside & out – Two stories of gender transition Posted on 06 October 2010.  A couple of weeks ago, express set out to do an issue based on beauty. We’ve spoken to those who have [...]

My experiences as a transsexual woman on women’s cricket teams.

21 June, 2008 (21:18) | Blogroll | 2 comments

Cricket is easily the sport that I am most passionate about. Ever since I started watching the 1992 world cup on TV as a youngster I’ve been hooked. I had been meaning to get back into playing cricket for some time, but it wasn’t until last summer, after a decent amount of experience with living [...]

SS4Q Conference July 6-7 2007

15 August, 2007 (11:21) | Blogroll | No comments

On a cold and windy Wellington Saturday morning, I got up (reasonably) early to attend the bi-annual SS4Q conference held at the Marae at Wellington High School. SS4Q stands for Safety in Schools for Queers. The conference is an event where people from all over the country can meet up to discuss initiatives to combat [...]